The Worst WordPress Website Ever

December 26th, 2020

By: Trevor Blake

Sally Made a WordPress Website for Her Business – and it Was The Worst Thing I Had Ever Seen!

 Let me explain.

Sally called me one day and asked me to look at the website that she had built, to attract customers to her online venture.

(In order to avoid embarrassing her, I won’t show you the site – or should I say the dreadful sight!)

Yes, it looked pretty enough. Nice images, a lot of text, even a shop with a Paypal and Stripe link. But after several months, she wondered why she wasn’t getting organic visitors. Even her social media pages were a flop – no likes, no comments, nothing…

I had to admire her though. She had created it from the ground up, knowing very little about WordPress.

And that is where the problems started. Here's where it all went horribly wrong...

Sally used a free theme (the colours, layout etc.) as it looked quite nice.

It turned out that the theme was free because it was infected with malware!

She then built the pages on the infected theme knowing little or nothing about the importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). She had heard about keywords, and long-tailed something or other, but that was about it.

After 2 months of trial and error, she finally managed to get her business fully online. She then sat back, waiting for the orders to roll in.

Nada…zip. Zilch.

When Sally contacted us, she broke down on the phone. It was just all too much. The crazy pandemic had killed off her retail business and driven her online. Her savings were dwindling, and because she had only recently become self-employed, she was getting little or no financial help. Obviously, one of the reasons that she didn’t ask for professional help with her website was that she thought it was going to cost her money to get it.

When you think about it though, it cost her far more in time, effort, stress and lack of sales.

At the Social Media Success Agency, we have a powerful team of people who are skilled in all aspects of online marketing from start to finish.

Let’s look at what Sally could have achieved and the sort of costs along with the timescale.

First of all, we could have built her website, along with her shop etc., totally secure. This would INCLUDE all of her pages being optimized using Rank Math SEO.

Cost: Around £99 (or less, depending on the complexity of the website)

Here is an idea of a similar one that we built, for £79: Ecoslap

Her domain name would have cost about £10 through Namecheap (Sally paid £50 for one)

This would ALL have been accomplished in just 7 – 10 days and Sally would have been up and running 6 - 7 weeks earlier.

Still, you live and learn…

So we had to rescue her and transform her WordPress website. Instead of building her online business from the ground up, we called in The WordPress Doctor, a really geeky guy who works in the basement of our establishment and hardly ever sees the light of day. We asked him to take a look at the mess that Sally had created.


                                                             WordPress Geek


(This was a FREE analysis)


He wrote:


“There are On-Page SEO and Technical SEO issues that need to be fixed to make the website perfectly optimized for Google and other search engines.


- Indexing (Website URL redirection).

- Headers need to be optimized.

- Images ALT tags

- OG Metas needs to be optimized.

- Google Search Console

- Bing Webmaster Tools

- CSS and JavaScript Minification.

- Structured Data is missing

Once this has been carried out, the website will function correctly, and be optimized for the search engines”


The cost of this work would be £59 and take around 3- 5 days.

As we stated, we don’t want to embarrass Sally, so at the end of this blog are the files from our website, showing the phenomenal amount of ‘behind the scenes work that 95% of WordPress websites actually need in order to be successful:

There was one more step that we suggest anyone should take with a WordPress site. In the example above, Sally’s site would be perfectly optimized, but if she had blog posts, articles, etc., these also need to be optimized with keywords, tags, proper headings, etc. (Sally did not have any posts, so it was irrelevant to her).

We use the RankMath WordPress plugin to do the SEO on pages, blog posts, etc. This is apart from the main SEO work on the site. Yes, you could do it yourself, but why not sit back and relax, and let the experts do it for you? 20 pages of full SEO on posts, blogs, etc., is just £25.




You will be absolutely gobsmacked...