How Easy is it For Anyone to Guess Your Passwords?

December 26th, 2020

By: Trevor Blake

Use a Password Manager to protect your accounts ASAP


Here is something very disturbing.


Simple passwords are so easy to hack, which is why you must use a password manager. If a website (Google, Facebook, online accounts etc.) is storing your password, it is generally stored in the form of a hash (a way of securing passwords based upon maths).


A hash is also a way of scrambling passwords. So if you know the trick, it is relatively simple to find and unscramble it. I would liken it to hiding a key to your front door under a stone. If the burglar knows roughly where to look, he will find it!


Therein lies a challenge. You then have to try and remember the ‘impossible to remember’ passwords for all your different accounts, sites, etc. It's not going to happen, is it?

That is why so many people use the SAME password for ALL of their accounts, and sites. How dangerous is that!


So the thing that you need to do, and do as fast as possible to protect yourself from having your online accounts drained, your amazon account hacked, and your life wrecked - is to get a password manager.


For example, we used the LastPass Password Manager which we think is brilliant. It is also free. There are loads of other ones - DashLane, Keeper, Keypass, Roboform, 1Password etc., (Google them).


If you haven't come across them before, here's how they work:


You set up an account with them with one main, and very hard to guess password that only means something to you.


Let's say I wanted one for my AcmeCo business, I start by writing it backwards i.e., ‘ocemca’. This means nothing to nobody, yet it is still not too difficult for an experienced hacker to suss out very quickly. So I changed some bits for example ‘OceMcA’. Better.


Then I add some bits i.e., £Oc$$McA


You get the drift. You need to remember that for the main password. Then simply store all your passwords in the password manager. As long as you can recall the main one, the LastPass manager, for example, fills the passwords in on websites for you, so they can be total gobbledygook, and totally unhackable. And if you're signing up for an account or something, the password manager will give it a gobbledygook password and save it for you.


To lighten things up a little, here is a sketch by Michael McIntyre on the subject of passwords. Take a look: 


You Should Probably Change Your Password! | Michael McIntyre Netflix Special - YouTube


You can also store the details of all of your credit cards securely on LastPass.This is perfect for online shopping and it is also perfect for recalling the details if someone steals your purse or wallet. You can contact the bank and give them your card details.


So now that you have some quiet time, please set it up for your sake. As the world goes into lockdown and starts to do more and more online, the hacker sharks will be circling, ready to empty the accounts of inexperienced homeowners who are going online to do everything.


At the moment it is estimated that over £1,000,000 are hacked every single day in the UK! Someone is losing their money - it all depends on whether you are going to be the next victim or get smart and prevent it from happening to you. Let some other mug get their accounts emptied because they simply couldn’t be bothered to take the basic steps.


                                                        password manager re hackers


If you do get hacked, try finding a sympathetic online bank person to try and help you out, especially in the current staffing crisis. Check out how easy it is to use below and then set it up. I guarantee that if you don't, there will be tears later on - so the thing that you need to do, and do as fast as possible to protect yourself from having your online account drained, your Amazon account hacked, your life wrecked - is get a password manager. Today!