Lead Generation - Getting Enough People Looking

December 28th, 2020

By: Trevor Blake

Lead generation means EPL - Enough People Looking

It doesn’t matter what type of business venture you are involved in – unless you have lots of people looking at your offering, visiting your website/blog or walking through your door – you simply don’t have a business, and you will never make money in a million years.

Yes, you can stick a blog up on your site, do a post for your Facebook friends, do an Instagram post to some followers – but that isn’t going to get you anywhere. After all, many of these so-called ‘friends’ are either following you out of sympathy or out of morbid curiosity!

So you need a method or methods to ensure you get enough people looking. And I mean thousands…..

Take a look on social media for example. You will see lots of posts from people trying to sell makeup, perfumes, health products etc. do you see people clamouring to buy? Not at all. Instead, you will see some likes, and a few comments – “Wish you well with it hun”, or “great products, but I’m a vegan” and that sort of stuff.

as I said – that sort of thing isn’t going to work in a month of Sundays.


We have set up a website, dedicated to getting leads by using the methods that we use on a daily basis. The great news is that even if you have a small budget, you should be able to use at least some of the methods to great effect.

There’s no need for SEO, facebook ads and all that stuff. Do it the easy way…


(No, that’s not a real word, but it kinda goes with the story…)

We both absolutely hated picking up the phone to cold prospects and to try and entice them to our venture. So we created ways of getting them coming to us, asking us for more information. And we would love to share those lead generation methods with you so that you can build the business of your dreams – the easy way!

Get Enough People Looking (EPL) today. CLICK HERE to access the Terrific Traffic website.