Bullguard  - The Strong, Safe Antivirus Protection

December 28th, 2020

By: Trevor Blake

It's Bullguard for me (but choose any that you personally like!

I am heavily into protecting my data, accounts, and indeed all online activity from hackers. I know the dangers - especially when my company website was half to ransom a couple of years ago. Luckily, I managed to get out of it due to some very swift action on my part, and I looked upon it as a warning shot across the bows.

It was only recently that I discovered that almost 70% of small business STILL do not have any security protection on their websites, and millions upon millions (incalculable) of home users either don't have any protection or just basic free protection  - which is like having a peeing section in a swimming pool...

For all of my online security, I use a program called Bullguard.

BullGuard is an antivirus program that offers complete protection for your Windows computer, protecting it from viruses, malware, and harmful intruders. This software provides various features, including safe internet browsing, game booster, home network scanner, parental control and cloud backup.

An Antivirus is an essential tool that we all need in this era of technology and BullGuard offers all the features we want to see in a top-notch antivirus program. This Antivirus has a high-performance score which means that it protects your PC and laptop without causing a strain on the system, thanks to advanced optimization.

BullGuard has an advanced antimalware feature that continuously scans malware-related code, and it recognizes and quarantines the threats in real-time. You can later check the hazards and decide how to deal with them. This helps to keep your personal information safe, especially when combined with the secure browsing feature. Safe browsing is essential to protect your identity and provides security against any fraud in online interactions.

                                                                  bullguard antivirus

BullGuard is excellent for gamers, and it helps boost game performance by managing the core processors and frees up cores for the game. This is a wonderful feature and keeps your games running smoothly.

The BullGuard antivirus has three pricing plans, and you can choose a plan that best fits your needs. Overall, it is a great antivirus that will provide your PC with much-needed security from viruses and malware.

Whilst there, take a look at Bullguard's VPN service, and their mobile phone service. Yes, your phone can get hacked too!

The VPN service allows you to pretend you are in another country, or indeed in the same country, but coming from a different IP address. If you really want safety, then try this all-around strong, safe protection from hackers.

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